Aur verde – coliere suflate cu aur ~ Green gold – gold plated necklaces

60lei - redus de la 70


Doua coliere de un verde intens:

Camelon green eye – o forma telescopica ce iti surprinde orice miscare prin ochiul ei verde
Klimt Gold and green – o moneda cu tenta Art Deco si un disc de agat verde, totul pentru a creea o senzatie de vis pictat

Agate si brose pe post de pandantiv. Se pot purta impreuna, separat si in diferite combinatii.

MATERIALE: brosa aurita, disc aurit, sarma aurita, pietre semipretioase: agate, verde


Two neckleces of intense green:

Camelon green eye – a telescopic form that captures your every move through her ​​green eyes
Klimt Gold and green – An Art Deco currency tint and green agate disc, everything to create a feeling of dream painting
Agate and brooches as a pendant. You can wear together, separately and in various combinations.

MATERIALS: gold plated brooch, gold plated disk, gold plated wire, semiprecious stones: agate, green


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