Filigreen tree garden – Livada de filigran – set de bijuterii

verde pandantiv vintage handmade pendant agata verde bijuterii handmade argint 925 sarma argint

verde bratara vintage handmade agata verde bijuterii handmade argint 925 sarma argintEu vreau o gradina in care sa nu fie nici prea cald si nici prea rece, nici prea soare nici prea umbra sau de fapt nu conteaza, sa fie salbatica si cu petice ingrijite, combinata, vie, dar sa fie vara.

Filigran frumos, lucrat ca si striatile de frunze sau ca si ramurile de copaci, in rest spirale de planta rasucita care creste si mult mult verde.

Pandantiv si Bratara pentru o doaman eleganta.

MATERIAL: sarma argint 925, filigran de argint, agate rotunde


I want a garden that is neither too hot nor too cold, not too sunny or too shady, actually it really does not matter, let it be wild and trimmed patches combined, alive, but let it be summer.

Nice filigree, made to look like the veins of  the leaves or branches of trees, otherwise twisted strands of plant that grows much more green.

Pendant and bracelet for an elegant lady.

MATERIAL: sterling silver wire, silver filigree, disk agate


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