Perls and gold necklaces – Coliere aurite, cu perle

colier aurit bijuterii handmade jewelry gold plated necklace pandantiv placat cu aur perle sticla

Necklaces with multiple ways of wearing.

A twist added to the usual pearl necklace, a brooch that you can use as a pendant or not. Just separate it and use it on a dark jacket.

MATERIALS: gold plated wire, gold plated brooches, glass perls


Coliere cu mai multe moduri de purtare.

O schimbare adusa clasicului colier de perle: o brosa pe post de pandantiv pe care o puteti folosi ca pandantiv sau nu. Sau separat o puteti folosi cu o jachet inchisa la culoare.

MATERIALE: Sarma placata cu aur, Brose placate cu aur si perle de sticla.


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