Cala – Cala Lily

Aceasta piesa a fost facuta pentru o mireasa impreuna cu cerceii si inelul asortata

Reconstituirea unei cale din nervuri de sarma a fost o experienta extraordinar pentru mine. A trebuit sa studiez forma si modul de curbare a florii si a trebuit sa o regandesc din fire. Rezultatu a fost un colier facut din tot sufletul.

MATERIALE: sarma placata cu argint si emailata,margele rotunde de granat

This piece was made for a bride, together with matching ring and earrings.

Making a cala lily from woven wires was an extraordinary experience for me. I had to study the shape and the curves of the flower and i had to rethink the model in regard to wires. The result was a necklace full of soul.

MATERIALS: enamaled silver plate wires, garnet round beads

13 Colier mirea bijuterii handmade granat sarma argintata Cala 3D


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