Cercei cu un pic de albastru

Albastrul este omniprezent. Cercei de final de colectie indiana, ca trecere pentru urmatoare. Voi relua tema, dar acum, asta e tot

Blue is forever present. Earrings for the end of the Indian collection, to crossover to the next one. I will meet again with this theme, but for now, this is it.

MATERIALE: Shiva’s teardrop: brioleta de opalit, sfere de opalit si apatit albastru verzui ca apele, sarma argintata lacuita, The third eye: carneol sferic, briolete (lacrimi fatetate) albastre de sticla

MATERIALS: Shiva’s teardrop: opalit briolette, opalit and green blue aptat spheres,protested silver plated wire  The third eye: carneol spheres, blue glass briolette (teardrops faceted)


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